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Iglucraft sales

Head of salesVillu Valm+372 5457 4757
SalesMaarian Toom+372 5645 7211
SalesHeldur Sepp+372 5624 0283
SalesEiki Madissoon+372 5690 1310


We have showrooms all over Europe, but we deliver anywhere in the world.

Rock Cottage, Noah’s Hill, West Monkton, TA2 8QU (Please confirm the viewing by phone)
Steve Heyel
John Harris
Naaritsa, 70303 Leie, Kolga-Jaani vald, Viljandi maakond, Estonia.
Villu Valm
Mollenberg 36, 88138 Hergensweiler, Germany
Michael Schittenhelm
Kai Stückmann
Bittkauer Weg 8d, 39317 Elbe-Parey, Germany
Björn Thomas
Houtum 39, 2460 Kasterlee, Belgium
Vic Van Eyck
Wybickiego 42, 81-842 Sopot
Piotr Michalewski
Marcin Pawłowski
Forneburingen 200, 1364 Fornebu
Birger Johansen
Olivier Saudrais
Stubbe Søvej 15, 8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark
Villu Valm

Iglucraft headquarters

Iglucraft OÜ

Naaritsa, 70303 Leie, Kolga-Jaani vald, Viljandi maakond, Estonia

Ceo/marketingPriit Kallas+372 5070 712
Digital marketingLaura Maria Laanem
Production managerJüri Ristna+372 5032 986

Frequently asked questions

No problem! We offer a full set of documentation which will make the process simple. If needed, we can find someone to assist you or share contacts of previous clients in your area.
The shingle technique stretches hundreds of years back in time. We are confident the outer tiles will last for 30 years.
Our products are used across the world from Japan to Australia, from Ibiza to beyond the Arctic Circle. Our cabins will last in different weather conditions and can be used all year round
We are yet to meet a project which is impossible or a camping site which is inaccessible. We have a number of global transportation partners and onsite we have used many different solutions - from tractors to helicopters.
With all of our products we will send a product declaration - a document stating all the necessary data. You can easily compare them with local standards. If something is not suitable, we will find a way to make it work, we always do.
Don’t worry, we can guide you through the process in many different languages. We’re up for a challenge so please don’t hesitate to contact us! :)
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