When was the last time you took time... for yourself? Time... to think, to speak your mind, to dream, to enjoy or just to be? Always thinking about the well-being of others, aren ́t you? About your children, about making wise decisions, the future, the past, the work, the world? This is all important. But for your plans to come true, You are the most important.


We in Iglucraft like to think that it is not the products we are selling, but emotions. The peace in your mind while having morning coffee in Igluhut or the relaxation in your body while sitting on the doorstep of Iglusauna and watching the sunset.


As said our products aren’t just about the design and craftmanship. They can be the landmark in your garden or an expression of your mindset. A reminder from our forefathers how skills combined with natures gifts can change our lives better.


The design of our products is unique. The well-thought-out structure of Igluhut allows the creation of buildings for very different purposes that can be transported wherever they are needed. Thanks to their special design, they look surprisingly good in urban settings, not to mention in the wilderness.


At the core of our business are skilled craftsmen who have remastered the shingle production technique used by our forefathers hundreds of years ago. Wood shingles were used to build the roofs of farm houses because they looked beautiful and were affordable to the farmers of the time. This mastery, almost forgotten, inspired us to create saunas and cabins with a unique appearance but with all the functions and standards of a modern building and call it Iglucraft.


So, please, take time... to yourself. Take the Iglusauna or Igluhut to clear your mind, to amplify your mental and physical strength. To take a break from daily routine. To be in touch with the real You...


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