Sauna Q&A / Jan Seepter

Alcohol and sauna rituals

03 Jun 2021

An important golden rule about sauna is: in order for a sauna experience to be one of enjoyment and beneficial to health, you should proceed from and observe your well-being.

In order for the indicators of feeling to be reliable, it is recommended to avoid consuming alcohol and other psychotropic substances as well as antidepressants during sauna procedures. Consuming beer and other light alcoholic beverages that is a popular pastime in the Baltics, Finland and Russia should be postponed until reposing after the sauna. Even though a light beer has no significant effects on the body of an adult, it also does not provide anything necessary. And often one beer is not left with another or as old folk say: third time is a charm. Such amounts, however, are not good for riding the sauna highs based on the internal regulation of the body but instead start affecting adequate self-perception. I myself promote sauna enjoyment fully free of extracorporeal substances of pleasures since even after sauna procedures / rituals it is good to pay attention to what is going about with your senses.

The state of mind achieved from the cleansing and relaxation of the body is a value in itself. At least two musicians who have participated in sauna rituals have found new melodies in themselves in this a way. And a former top athlete summarised the experience simply as follows: that sauna thing is sick – I get such good ideas.