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Glamping In A Safari In Denmark

30 May 2021

Four hand-crafted Iglucraft glamping cabins in a safari in Denmark with outstanding occupancy and high nightly rates combining centuries-old Nordic shingles technology and modern craftsmanship have been thriving through the challenges of 2020. They are ready to order six more cabins for next season. What are they doing right?

As there is no other industry in the world right now reinventing itself quite as dramatically and rapidly as tourism and hospitality, the sectors are adapting their ways of working by reimagining both their services and spaces offered. It is believed that most likely the attitudes, motivations, and preferences of people and tourists will have changed for the foreseeable future, perhaps forever.

The new factors of success 

People are used to travelling and they continue to do so. It is predicted that travel and tourism will grow, not by reverting to what it was, but by adjusting to a world where all activities and everything we do in the world will have changed.

“There is no question that the special circumstances in 2020 have further changed our guests’ perception of what a good holiday is,” says Thomas Hansen, the Manager of Operations in Ree Park Safari. “More and more people will stay in Denmark the coming years and the money they used to spend abroad is going to be used on “special” experiences back home. Therefore, we are expecting the glamping concept to grow and with the right combination of more individualized experiences and accommodation level of a hotel room, we are looking at a growing and profitable business. People are simply willing to pay more as the value of the experience increases.” 

Ree Park Safari that combines a unique setting and smart accommodation choices, fosters social distancing and attracts domestic travellers who desire to get away from the city into the nature. After the fully booked summer of 2020, Ree Park Safari has made an order for 6 extra cabins as to the growing demand for overnight stays in the safari.

While offering accommodation to visiting families is something Ree Park Safari has tried before, the Iglucraft cabins have definitely shed new light on the whole idea.

“It was important to us that the visitors of the safari park could prolong their stay in a way that adds value to our business. Our idea was to offer an experience, not just a place to sleep. With Igluhuts we hit the target better than expected,” says Hansen.

People are expecting 5-star luxury for the 5-star prices, so the safari has designed each cabin individually to make them stand out from each other. “We have tried to make people feel like they are in a home away from home, not to make the cabins feel like generic hotel rooms. Therefore, we have added lots of finishing touches to make them that little bit special,” says Hansen.