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Client video review: Iglucraft cabins in a safari park in Denmark

04 Jun 2021

We asked our clients to give us feedback on how their businesses are doing with Iglucraft cabins. Here is a review by Thomas Hanberg from Ree Park Safari in Denmark that has more than 200,000 visitors to the safari park annually and who has just ordered 6 new cabins to complement the 4 cabins that have enjoyed full occupancy and interest throughout 2020. Here you can watch and briefly read, what Thomas has to say about our cooperation.

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"We were looking for something more exclusive than just a cabin. We needed something really special and these Iglucraft cabins from Estonia match exactly that - they are handcrafted, comfortable like a hotel room and organic in form. Being able to place these cabins in a setting like this was the best we could do, as we are an animal nature park and we want everything to reflect that. We have found the perfect match."