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Iglucraft changes its logo and visual identity

01 Mar 2023

The New Year has welcomed a long-planned change for Iglucraft brand, introducing a new logo and visual identity. The new visual identity expresses wisdom and proposes a solution for a less stressful life.

The visual change has been planned hand in hand with new product developments, both reflecting a step towards a more meaningful life and a more natural way of being. We believe that this fresh look will give a new perspective to the people of the company as well as existing and prospective clients.

The new identity encompasses the change of logo together with new complementing visual material, but also a signature tune written and presented by Mick Pedaja. This tune can be heard on most Iglucraft video materials, but special attention should be paid to small audio details like the blowing of the wind in the rushes, the early morning voices of birds, the bustling of working ants in the midday sun, the crackling of fire in the sauna stove - sounds that have all been integrated into the tune for a relaxing and integrating viewing experience.

The focus of the brand story of Iglucraft is on taking time. Taking time to think about oneself, about life, about the world, or any other important thing that needs one’s attention. But thinking requires time and space, a space where your mind is isolated from the disturbances of the daily flow of information. A place where you could take time to grow awareness and wisdom by thinking.

The new logo is a visual expression of our promise to find that wisdom and time. A promise to find your special place and getting to be in the moment by separating this instant from the rest of the time river that we all float in. It is essential in life to take time to think about these moments, because these are the moments in our lives when we get better by learning something new.

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Since the birth of the first Iglu product we have been learning as well. We have learned that the idea of taking time consists of three steps: changing the physical environment, creating your own space for thinking, and letting the wisdom flow.

This is where Iglucraft cabins and saunas come in.

We produce Iglusaunas for people, so they can establish a routine, taking time for themselves and their health.

We produce Igluhuts for people, so they’d have a chance to go away with themselves and their loved ones.

We produce Igluoffices for people, so they could break from their usual mindset and find new ways of thinking.

Today, as we are constantly widening the concept of taking time to our new products and services, we feel that the language of the new visual identity is strongly present in all our new developments. Find out more about the new interior design of our cabins, premium sauna experience, and a two-storey Iglucabin in the posts to come.