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Iglucraft doubled production and is building a new production building

12 Nov 2021

Iglucraft has recently doubled production and is building a new production building in Viljandi County. While current production capacity has allowed for around 250 houses and saunas to be completed each year, the expansion will allow 500 to be assembled next year, thus resulting in quicker delivery times for clients.

In recent years, Iglucraft has taken a major leap forward in terms of both export countries and turnover. Demand has grown significantly, and by the end of April 2021 Iglucraft’s sauna production had been sold out until the end of the year. Waiting times got longer, resulting in a situation where houses were still available, but as more and more saunas were ordered the queues became longer.

"If in the past we had always tried to produce enough stock in the warehouse prior to the start of the sauna sales season, then this spring we were faced with a situation where we no longer had a sample to show the customer. As the purchasing of saunas tends to be based on emotion, the customer simply turns his back when they hear in February that they won’t be receiving the sauna by Midsummer’s Day. We had to do something."

As a result, the company decided to build a new production building. However, as its construction will take some time, the situation was temporarily resolved by expanding existing production, which has now achieved the necessary production capacity.

Based on the logic employed in the production, it is not possible to increase the production volume by, for example, 30% instead, it had to be doubled. Despite the fact that its products are handmade and each cutting must be installed by hand and individually, production still takes place on a line – so the best solution, in terms of maintaining efficiency and the price level, was to place a new line next to the existing line.

The expansion raised production capacity to a new level – production and the team doubled in size, a new team is already being trained, and when the new production building is completed, all that remains is to move to the new location. So, we are happy to announce to our clients that delivery times have become shorter and that the new production will be more energy efficient, more modern and have a smaller ecological footprint.