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Iglucraft Prefab Cabins Excel in Airbnb Offbeat category

04 May 2022

What's the point of starting your own glamping business if you don't stand out?

You want your new business to make it to the lists by famous publications, you want it to be appreciated for clever design and business model, you want it to be promoted by famous people in love with your product, you want it to be praised by many design magazines, you want it to be social media friendly, you want it to be loved by your clients through plentiful and spectacular reviews and you want it to break even and profit as soon as possible. This is all the feedback that Iglucraft cabins have received from hospitality business owners working with Iglucraft cabins.

The trend has for some time been towards places to stay in the nature - where you can disconnect and really take time for yourself and your loved ones. Digital detox, possibility to disconnect, social distancing, or however you desire to call it - small accommodation sites have been booming since the start of COVID, and while the hotel businesses have since been in survival mode, different prefabs similar to Iglucraft have become more successful by day while operating at nearly 100% occupancy rates in most cases.

A great surprise and proof of the fact can be seen on Airbnb Offbeat category page, where Iglucraft prefab cabins have made it to the top10 and top20 with so many of its clients' projects. When looking through the list, offbeat accommodation choices are versatile and very few prefab cabins have made it to the list, which literally means that in order to stand out most hosts have had to build their cabins from scratch. Igluhut, on the other hand, is an easier, more unique as well as more sure way to stand out without the extra effort.

Make sure to check them out and consider starting your own successful hospitality business with Iglucraft cabins and saunas that boast the turnkey concept as well as an easy order, delivery and installation process in any location you can dream of.

The top 20 in Airbnb Offbeat category is this impressive bunch of Iglucraft cabins, each featuring tens and hundreds of reviews and a review rate of above 4.8 average.

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