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Iglusauna at the Ambassador's Residence in London

10 Mar 2022

Last week the Ambassador of Estonia, Mr. Viljar Lubi, hosted a private opening of Iglucraft sauna in his residence. The sauna will serve as a central point of sharing Estonian traditions with the visitors of the Ambassador's residence in the future by providing the guests with a possibility to experience a true Estonian sauna in the very center of London.

The guests of the event were able to experience Iglucraft traditional sauna craftsmanship combined with innovative technology as the sauna includes a novel technology of steaming - an indoor climate device that mixes the steam from upper levels and cold air from the lower levels. Also, take a Virtual Reality tour into the vastly developing world of Iglucraft products that gives a really authentic overview of Iglucraft cabins and saunas in an imaginative glamping park. But also taste authentic Estonian food and drinks, and learn about Estonia and the sauna culture from Iglucraft team, who have been involved with the world of sauna for almost a decade.

The Ambassador's residence will also act as a showroom for clients with heightened interest in Iglucraft products, but in case of first interest please contact our UK representatives, who can introduce all of Iglucraft's products also through the Virtual Reality.

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