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People need spaces without corners - Mountain Men

22 Oct 2021

We in Iglucraft believe that people need spaces without corners so our thoughts, dreams and lives wouldn’t get stuck on them. When we think about everyday life most of it is cornered - we wake up in a square, you walk through square doors, you go to work in a square transport, then you probably get coffee from a square machine and spend several hours in a square building. When we think about nature, most of it is round - the airflow, rocks, sun, birds nest.

Here is a thought-provoking story by Mountain Men that illustrates that idea.

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As you see there is a reason why Iglucraft products structures incorporate roundness, reflecting nature’s true harmony. To help you to a more natural way of being than the everyday life in perfectly linear cityscapes. Our products transform the environment, helping you step out of the daily routine and take some time for yourself.