Sauna Q&A / Jan Seepter

Q: How does sauna affect my blood pressure?

03 Jun 2021

As with any type of training, everybody needs to progress according to how they are feeling, i.e. being moderate at first, then gradually increasing the dose. The effect that a sauna session has on your body can be compared to moderate physical activity or training, but it is still recommended that you have one "regular" sauna session before whisking - enjoy it in good company with family and friends or by yourself :)

In case of high blood pressure you should take caution with cooling processes and keep away from sudden temperature fluctuations. In case of low blood pressure it is recommended to enjoy shorter sauna sessions and to cool your face, head, and body with water. In some saunas I have even encountered ice buckets that serve this purpose.  

So, in case of high as well as low blood pressure the golden rule is that if you consider your well-being, getting steamed is a truly pleasant experience and can only benefit your health.

Several longitudinal studies have confirmed the link between going to the sauna and keeping the risks of blood pressure and coronary heart disease at bay. The reason here being the training that the alteration of hot and cold temperatures has your heart and vascular system. But also the fact that sauna helps to relax and decreases the levels of stress. 

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