Iglucraft in media / Iglucraft


26 Oct 2021

The Dale family talks about their journey to accommodation business with Iglucraft products on the Scotsman. Lisa and Douglas Dale’s family dates back to hundreds of years and has the longest history with farming the same farm in East Lothian.

The family wanted to take on a new chapter with holiday accommodation, but was looking for something rather distinguished - unique even, which is why they took their time to choose. Iglucraft had caught their eye and after seeing it with their own eye, the family instantly fell in love with how they are built. Of course an adding bonus was the fact that no-one in Scotland had discovered them yet, whereas some celebrities in the UK like David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay had been enjoying them for quite some time.

Douglas and Lisa are receiving 5-star reviews ever since the first Igluhut opened in August 2021, therefore a big success. We are more than thrilled to help expand their accommodation business with 5 more Igluhuts this year. Hopefully next year there’s already possible to enjoy views from the Igluhuts onto Tantallon Castle and the Bass Rock.