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We reinvented the Igluhut

08 Mar 2023

How to design a five-star yet functional experience in a limited round-shaped interior?

When a renown London interior designer approached Iglucraft, he was surprised that a rustic and traditional looking house on the outside looked so modern and cosy on the inside. He became fixed and thrilled on making it even better and approached us with his ideas.

Hence, the main aim of the interior design upgrade became to emphasize the contrast between the authentic traditional exterior and the modern cosy interior to an even greater extent. But bearing in mind we wouldn’t lose its rustic touch entirely. We had a vision that our clients would be able to make a statement of exceptional but rustic design in their garden or resort, but surprise their guests with a five-star hotel room experience during their stay.

In a world of concrete and clean straight lines, Igluhuts are seen as a breath of fresh air with their distinctive features and traditional craftsmanship. Each product is different and alive, as they are carefully built shingle by shingle of natural materials, showing off their rustic and traditional elements with pride. Its curved organic form comfortably blends into any natural setting, paying a compliment to your sense of design.

The more interesting it always is to step inside an Igluhut and discover the same elements but in a modern and clean setting. The most frequent reflection of our visitors emphasizes the astonishing contrast between how the cabins look on the outside and how they feel on the inside, mainly thanks to the perfectly aligned shingles and natural materials of relaxing tones and colors.

The reinvented Igluhuts feature all these already loved elements that we used before, but adds bigger and smaller changes to all rooms, starting from a totally remodelled bathroom and kitchen to an electrical floor heating and specially designed LED-lighting throughout the cabin. We have listened to our clients’ feedback throughout the years and although the quest for the five-star experience is on-going, it is safe to say that we have been able to design a very attractive accommodation option for guests who are looking to escape the stresses of the modern life, but refuse to give up the essential luxuries. 

So, what’s the fuss about?

The design has probably changed most substantially in the bathroom, as we entirely remodelled the shower area and turned the whole area from a glamping pod style to a premium hotel room experience.

“What is most fun when designing a bathroom in an Igluhut, is that you need to pay less attention to ignoring boredom,” the designer once said while at work, meaning that the round shape of the interior walls in itself pose an exciting challenge. “The look needs to be appealing yet functional, so my main aim is to accommodate my ideas within these organic shapely perimeters and not lose any space to closed quarters.”

So, bearing functionality and beauty in mind, the shower area was probably the most time-consuming and challenging aspect to solve. How to accommodate a shower in a strictly limited space with curved walls and make it look more spacious than it is.

Designed with energy-efficient lighting, ventilation and water-saving features thanks to low-flow shower heads, the experience is a modern dream of living and supporting a compact and nature friendly life-style.

But what about the kitchenette? 

It is the first thing that welcomes you when entering the cabin. In the beautifully designed kitchen area it is possible to enjoy the convenience of practical use of space with a mini-fridge and a pull-out dining area for two. If you wish to have a snack or the kids would like to fill in their colouring book, just pull out the table and chairs. Any other time you just push them back into the kitchen furniture and they make a beautiful whole.

Our guests can easily organize their belongings with ample storage space for clothes as well as suitcases, so you can hide all things not used in clever cupboards. The hallway / kitchen area includes a space for 2 suitcases and a cupboard that accommodates clothes for up to 4 people on hangers and their shoes. The cupboard door also acts as a floor to ceiling mirror.

The huge panoramic window and lack of TV in the lounge and sleeping area provides a perfect possibility to disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. The details of the interior are carefully chosen to create a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Its in-front-of-panoramic-window seating comfortably allows you to enjoy the moods of the outdoors, high-quality bedding with views straight from the double-bed, and stylish design accents really make the experience complete.

The cabins can be installed in almost any location, including remote wilderness areas or more developed resort settings. This flexibility in location allows resorts to offer its guests a range of experiences and scenery, from isolated cabins in the woods to cabins nestled in a bustling resort community.

So, nestle the cabin in the woods, or anywhere you desire, and provide a gratifying and indulgent experience for your guests. Enjoy the traditional craftwork inside and out.