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What to keep in mind when buying a garden house?

18 Jan 2024

The summer season is arriving soon and so many of us dream of buying a garden house. But what should you think about before buying one? We will review some of the most common points and introduce you to Iglucraft garden rooms.

Size and use of the garden house

Before buying a garden house, you should first think about how big the house could be and how you want to use it. Of course, you don't have to limit yourself to just one use, as a garden room can be used in many different ways - as a garden living pod where you can enjoy the change of the environment and taking time for yourself, as well as a home office, a guest house or a garden summer house.

In terms of size, you should first think about how many people the garden house should accommodate. Is one bedroom enough or should there be several? Is it enough to have a kitchenette or should the garden house also have a bathroom?

Garden house building permit

It is usually the case that you need a building permit to build a house for yourself. The need for a building permit depends on what is being built or what is going to be done with the building and how large the building is.

A garden house with a size of up to 20 m² and height not exceeding 5 meters often does not require a building permit, but this certainly varies from country to country, so be sure to check your local building code for this, as well as for the need of planning permission, before ordering a garden house.

Iglucraft garden houses are 2.55 m high and have a floor area from 10,4 m² to 18.6 m², so a building permit is usually not required for garden house installation.

Garden house construction vs a ready-made garden house

Garden house construction is a time-consuming project. The process to build a garden room begins with design, followed by foundation construction, material selection, and construction. A much faster solution is to purchase a ready-made garden house with a well-thought-out solution and quality guaranteed by masters.

Garden house foundation
Garden house installation starts with the preparation of the foundation. There are three ways to prepare the foundations for our cabins:

Full-size smooth and level foundation made of either concrete or other hard material;

Three long beams running perpendicular to the base beams, which are level and support both ends and the center of each base beam;

A pillar foundation where each base beam is supported at both ends and in the middle. The surfaces of the pillars must be perfectly level with each other.

In short, if each base beam is supported either completely or at least at both ends and in the middle, and the whole surface is perfectly level, everything is correct. That applies to small, medium and large garden houses. 

A failed foundation makes it difficult to match details, causes problems with the operation of doors and windows, and reduces the stability and life of the cabin.

Garden house installation

Iglucraft houses are delivered in one piece and you can set them up in a very short time. The house can be lifted with a forklift and delivered or lifted directly to the designated place with a crane. All garden houses are delivered with a standard trailer truck. If you need special delivery solutions, we can create them together. As part of the service, you can get help in garden house installation from our local teams and from manuals.

Year-round garden house

Iglucraft insulated garden rooms can be used all year round. Such a garden house is well suited as a summer house or as an additional living space in the backyard. It is very convenient to use the garden house to accommodate guests. At the same time, it is also an ideal place where you can take time for yourself and take a break from everyday life, enjoy reading a book or use the space for creative work, for example. If your work allows teleworking, you can use the garden house as your home office or garden office.

But what is the production process of Iglucraft and the different models of garden houses? Let's take a closer look.

Iglucraft - stylish wooden garden houses

Iglucraft's wooden garden rooms are handcrafted by masters. The houses are made using shingle technology, which gives the houses a unique look. This is a completely Estonian production - the shingles used on sauna come from Rõuge and the saunas are produced in Viljandi County.

The houses are covered with exterior spruce shingles and in the interior internal aspen shingles are used, the installation of which is a real handicraft. Curved windows add uniqueness to the sauna.

Iglucraft garden houses are like two in one - modern, but at the same time there is something primitive and homely about them. The shingle technology used on the houses refers to the craftsmanship of our ancestors, but you will not have to miss any comfort when entering the house.

You can choose between three exterior colours and two interior styles when choosing the right model for you. The exterior colours are chestnut, hazel and ebony. On interior surfaces you can choose between natural, white or gray shades. At the same time, Iglucraft's masters are also ready for special solutions - for example, the interior walls of a house can be painted black and, if desired, a floor with a special solution can be ordered.

Garden house models

Iglucraft offers different garden house models - there is a choice of both large garden houses as well as smaller models.

Garden house Model 1 is the smallest member of the family of Iglucraft houses, which includes a kitchen and a bedroom. The floor area is 10,4 m² and it is an ideal solution if you only need a double bed and a small kitchenette in your garden house.

Garden house model 2 with an additional bedroom and floor space of 13,1 m2 is suitable for accommodating four people.

Garden house model 3 has 13,1 m² floor space and can accommodate all the necessary rooms - kitchen, bathroom and bedroom. The version with the same content but slightly larger one is the 17 m² model 4. If you love a lot of light, then the same house can also be ordered with a large panoramic window. 

The largest member of the garden house family is the 17,9 m² family model, which can accommodate at least 4 people and which also includes a smart dining room - the sofas in the kitchenette can be comfortably turned into a double bed.

If you have any questions about purchasing a garden house or Iglucraft cabins or saunas, feel free to contact our sales department