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Client video review: Iglucraft Cabins in a Glamping Park in Germany

26 Apr 2023

We asked our clients to give us feedback on how their businesses are doing with Iglucraft cabins. Here Björn and his wife Nadine share their feedback on their glamping business in Parey, Germany, why they love the concept and why so many people visit their Iglucamp.

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Björn Thomas and his wife have 6 different glamping parks set up with Iglucraft products in Germany. You will find some of them on water, some of them on rooftops and others in beautiful locations in the nature all over Germany.

"It's really a super nice feeling, when you see your guests enjoying their time here. It is history, it's not just plastic, a metal roof or something made by industrial machines. It's alive. We actually spent the first night in the Igluhut. We woke up so that we looked directly from our bed onto the water and we thought, if our guests also feel the same way that we do, then we've done something right. I believe it will never lose its magic." 

Take time to watch this video to get inspired by the special shape of Igluhuts and why the round shape appeals to all people alike.

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