Igluhut Four Seasons in Pfarrwerfen, Austria

Our journey for tiny house options began in August 2022, but we soon understood that it is not so easy to find a perfect cabin  for our business from Austria. Discovering Iglucraft's models online, initial skepticism about their Estonian origin melted away during a virtual showroom visit and a personal tour in Estonia. Overcoming regulatory hurdles, the result is a set of Igluhuts with a higher ceiling, panoramic windows, and bespoke interiors, captivating guests and ensuring high occupancy rates.

„In August 2022, we read about Tiny Houses in a special section of one of our newspapers. We thought that since we have a plot of land available, this would complement our existing Zehenthof country inn quite well.

We initially searched for Tiny House manufacturers on the internet, starting with regional ones, as that would have been the easiest for us. However, we found nothing in Austria or the surrounding areas that appealed to us. The offerings were either converted containers that didn't meet our expectations of an exclusive offer or extremely expensive houses that were not economically viable.

Luckily we came across a photo of one of your models located on a campsite at Lake Constance. The owners also presented themselves as representatives for the houses on the internet, so my first inquiry and phone call were directed there.

However, we thought one should be able to buy directly from the manufacturer, so we googled the Iglucraft company. After signing up and gaining access, we immediately viewed all models in the virtual showroom. We liked the design at first sight. 

When we saw that the company is based in Estonia, we were initially a bit skeptical. I thought I'd inquire and see what kind of offer I would get. When Maarian was at our location with the virtual glasses, we decided to implement the project with Iglucraft. There were some changes to our houses due to regulations in our country, but Iglucraft handled them all perfectly. The highlight was, of course, our visit to Estonia to see the Igluhuts in person and also the factory.

Being able to order the new interior design was the perfect finishing touch.

Our Igluhuts are perfect due to the slightly higher ceiling, the front panoramic window, and the new interior design. Our wellness area with the sauna, shower house, and hot tub perfectly complements the entire offering.

The expansive front panoramic window not only enlarges the living space but also establishes a snug spot for relaxation and daydreaming, as well as accommodating extra seating for family dinners.

All our guests are thoroughly impressed, and the feedback we receive is sensational. We undertook this project to have such happy and satisfied guests.

We are already thrilled that bookings are going so well after such a short time in the market. We have already planned the infrastructure for an additional 7 Igluhuts in the first construction and hope to expand our small village in 2-3 years."