The steam of Iglusauna is unique. Due to its curved shape the steam travels upwards to the ceiling, drifting slowly downwards filling the entire room in its pampering heat.

Single Iglusauna

We share your love for the sauna. One of our most eye-catching products, the single sauna steam room comfortably accommodates 4 people.

Double Iglusauna

The double sauna equipped with a changing and relaxing area makes your sauna experience complete.

Triple Iglusauna

We designed the triple sauna for your maximum comfort. Taking time alone or with loved ones, there is room for socializing or solitary contemplation for up to 6 people.

Panoramic sauna

Like double sauna, our panoramic sauna features a steaming room together with a relaxing room, but additionally offers a panoramic window for endless views and sauna conversations with friends or family.


A place to relax and unwind.