Every once in a while our clients have initiated projects that we can be proud of today. Take a look around our bespoke models and if you miss something, let’s get inspired together.

Igluoffice 3

Do you need more space for your growing team? Our largest office model is the choice for 4+ people and longer office hours as it includes everything you need – working space, meeting room, cozy kitchen corner, and a bathroom. Bring your ideas to life!

€57,500 excluding VAT

Price does not include transportation.

Igluoffice 2

Creative ideas require inspirational spaces. And Igluoffice really is a perfect place to find new ways of thinking. Make it into a home office for peace and quiet in your back garden or use it for client meetings and team events. If smartly planned, Igluoffice 2 fits up to 10 people. Magic happens in out of box environments. 

€39,900 excluding VAT

Price does not include transportation.

Igluoffice 1

Do you also think that the best ideas get stuck in the corners of our ever so boring and rectangular rooms? That your ideas would have more freedom and depth if they could flow freely in a space that is made of natural materials with no corners at all? Then we invite you to experience Igluoffice. Make it into your one most favourite place to be, it has all the room you need. 

€34,900 excluding VAT

Price does not include transportation.

Premium Sauna

A luxury sauna house that is designed to be shared. Furnished with a steam room and a guest room, this model can also be used to comfortably accommodate your guests. Invite in all the beauty of the outdoors thanks to its magnificent panoramic windows. Choose between a wood-fired and electrical stove, both boasting numerous benefits for your health and well-being.

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We have created the Iglubar for your growing hospitality business needs, a firm favourite of the resort owners. Perfectly equipped with everything you need to offer drinks and snacks in style, your clients will be thrilled. Just like any normal bar, just cooler.

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Shower Cabin

Our outdoor shower cabin is an accessory to your Iglusauna, your outdoor pool, or even some of our Igluhut models. The design follows the look of all our other products and includes a shower area as well as a small changing corner. It’s definitely a good match!

€16,900 excluding VAT

Price does not include transportation.

WC Cabin

Complete your resort with a WC cabin that follows the design pattern of all the other Iglucraft structures you already use or make an addition to your existing cabins as the model is perfect for any natural setting. One way or the other, the cabin perfectly completes the look. 

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