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Exclusive BLACK FRIDAY deals

22 Nov 2023

Dreaming of your own Igluhut or Iglusauna? Your dreams are about to become a reality with IgluCraft's exclusive Black Friday offers. Prepare to be delighted as we present two extraordinary bundles that not only bring you the luxury of an Iglusauna or Igluhut but also include stunning complimentary gifts to elevate your experience to new heights.

Bundle 1: Iglusauna made complete!

Picture yourself unwinding in the soothing ambiance of your very own Iglusauna. Now, make that dream even sweeter with our Black Friday offer. Purchase any Iglusauna, and we'll gift you a complimentary Big Green Egg MiniMax grill with portable legs and acacia wood mates. It's not just a sauna; it's a holistic experience that combines relaxation and culinary delight, creating the perfect setting for memorable sauna evenings with friends and family.

Bundle 2: Igluhut for your perfect guest experience!

If you're envisioning a cozy retreat with an Igluhut, our Black Friday promotion has something special for you too. Choose any of our exquisite Igluhuts, and we'll include a complimentary hot tub with your purchase. Imagine transforming your space into an unforgettable oasis, whether it's for your hotel guests seeking a unique experience or for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

This Black Friday, the opportunity to turn your dreams into reality is at your fingertips. Seize the moment and choose your favorite cabin or sauna from our collection. The exclusivity of these Black Friday bundles makes it the perfect time to invest in your well-being and elevate your living space to new heights.

Simply browse our collection, select the Iglusauna or Igluhut that speaks to your heart, and enjoy the added luxury that comes with our Black Friday bundles. The process is simple – choose your product, send an inquiry / message to our sales team (or click the button on your right), and enjoy your dream Iglucraft product along with these exclusive gifts. Elevate your lifestyle, create unforgettable memories, and experience the fusion of luxury and functionality with our handcrafted Igluhuts and Iglusaunas.

Send your request now, because the offer lasts only for inquiries made before 1 December 2023 and contracts concluded before 31 December 2023.