When do you take care of you? You spend your energy taking care of others – at work, at home, in your community – but isn’t there a time where you are the focus? Where your ideas and dreams are the priority? Your energy isn’t an endless well, and to help others there has to be a time to help yourself. There should be a place where you can hear the sound of your dreams. And there is such a place.



With so much of our lives devoted to the well-being of others, it’s becoming more and more apparent that we need to care for ourselves. We pour our energies into our families and jobs; we absorb the highs and lows of those around us. Sometimes – we just lose track of ourselves. If you’re still reading this, chances are that you feel the same way too. There’s no pill or magic potion to find yourself, you just need to take the time.



Each Iglucraft structure has been hundreds of years in the making. Centuries before, our forefathers used a traditional shingling technique to build the barns, saunas, cabins and farmhouses across our homeland. Their handiwork protected us from the elements and gave us places to live and places where we could be restored. Today, Iglucraft uses that same know-how as we fashion the finest materials into our line of Igluhuts and Iglusaunas. But the goal is still the same – to offer customers a place where they can be restored.



You wake at the same time, go to the same workplace, take the same route, talk to the same people - a routine that runs like clockwork. There’s nothing wrong with a life of convenient regularity, yet some days you just feel like stepping away from it. Away from the engineered world of predictable right angles. The dull grey of concrete, everything running in straight, predictable lines. There’s an urge to commune with the imperfectly perfect natural world – a space where a stream carves through the landscape or the tangled crown of the backyard apple tree finds its own path without care or influence.



There is a reason that Igluhut’s structures incorporate roundness, reflecting nature’s true harmony. To help you to a more natural way of being than the everyday life in perfectly linear cityscapes. Our products transform the environment, helping you step out of the daily routine and take some time for yourself.



Every Igluhut design is meant to be a space for you – like that secret backyard treehouse or fort made from sofa cushions and bed sheets. Our products are easy to set up and can be erected almost anywhere from your backyard to the back woods. Each design is fitted with modern conveniences that add comfort to your quality time. The natural materials and curved, organic form blends into the countryside, the beachfront or the forest. We hope that the time you spend in one of our designs is enriching, relaxing and exactly what you need – no matter where you are.



With a world that is becoming more and more regulated and more structured for efficiency and practicality, you need a place to get in touch with the natural order of things – not the order made by man and enforced by technology.



Taking this time for yourself is truly taking time to help the world around you. Helping yourself reach this more authentic state is going to enhance your life and the life of those around you. We’ve created something new and unique, now it’s time to take care of the most unique and authentic thing in your life – YOU.


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